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SOLHARIS aims at achieving strong and weak scalability (i.e., the ability to solve problems of increasingly large size while making an effective use of the available computational resources) of sparse, direct solvers on large scale, distributed memory, heterogeneous computers. These solvers will rely on asynchronous task-based parallelism, rather than traditional and widely adopted message-passing and multithreading techniques; this paradigm will be implemented by means of modern runtime systems which have proven to be good tools for the development of scientific computing applications.

Partners: IRIT, Concace and Roma Inria teams, CEA, Airbus

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Past projects

Sashimi (ANR-18-CE46-0006)

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SaSHiMi continues preliminary work on low-rank matrices ins parse direct solvers by moving toward more complex hierarchical matrix compression format which offers larger compression rates, reducing memory and flops costs. The project targets mainly the PaStiX library which exploits runtime systems from which the irregular kernels of the hierarchical format will benefit. The solver will be studied in both shared and distributed memory contexts, for which data mapping and scheduling will be adapted.